Express FM and London Marathon

London Marathon

Well it's been a little while since my last update! I've taken a little bit of a time out, a bit of a break, and doing a lot less than normal. Last year was pretty rough. As…

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Hourglass - OUT NOW

My second EP Hourglass was released on Monday 7th, it is available on all the digital download sites and physical copies are available at gigs.

Massive thank you to all involved.

Hope you like it!


Finally... an update!

Hello everyone!

So I'm finally writing an update! A lot has happened this year, it's all been a bit crazy, both in my personal life and with music. I've even signed up for a half marathon (wish me luck…

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What a Wonderful Week

My EP came out just over a week ago and I have to say I didn't expect so many people to listen to it, thank you all for your lovely comments and support! Yesterday BBC Introducing Oxford played Matches for…Read more

Today's the Day!

Hey everyone,

My EP is finally available! Massive thanks to everyone involved, and thank you to everyone for your support. You can pick CDs up from Rapture in Witney, from me at all of my gigs or get digital downloads…Read more

EP Release Date

So I'm excited to announce that my EP will be released on 19th August! CDs will be available directly from me and at my gigs. It'll also be available on iTunes, Spotify and all off those other magical download sites…Read more

New Beginnings

Finally I am able to announce that my EP is finished! I've been trying to make this thing on and off for years. The Duplication centre is making them as we speak, and I could not be more excited to…Read more